Why use
Your Red Car?

Santander were the first to bring you current account rewards and now we’re bringing rewards to car buying.

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We wanted to ensure the process is fair to all and simple to use. All dealers on Your Red Car are approved by our own team at Santander Consumer Finance. Santander Consumer Finance has a rich history in the automotive industry and with their backing, we believe Your Red Car will provide a full fair service, accessible by all. With Santander as the driving force behind Your Red Car we really can make car buying as simple as 1|2|3.


Your Red Car have carefully selected only approved sellers to advertise their cars on the site. The sellers pay nothing to advertise and only pay a fee when you buy one of the 1,000s of cars. So, now you can compare loads of models and prices, knowing you'll get a fair deal and a reward when you buy.

Approved, means to be officially agreed or accepted. Our business practices mean that the sellers who advertise on the Your Red Car platform are continuously assessed by our trained staff for business practices and fair trading. This gives you, the buyer real peace of mind.

Secure Accredited


Your Red Car is backed, built, and administered by Santander, so you know that you are in safe hands. We have a rich history in product innovation, providing secure banking to 14 million customers. Your Red Car is the first ever rewarded car purchase site looking to ensure customers and sellers have a fair platform to buy and sell cars.

Our close working relationships with over 2,500 sellers nationwide means we know and trust these businesses. Santander Consumer Finance has established itself as a leading player in the automotive finance sector. Through Your Red Car we want to help our sellers and customers prosper.

Powered by Santander Industry Experts


To receive your reward, register an account, find the car that’s right and then get in contact with the seller. Once you have purchased and collected the car, you can confirm your purchase on your account to make a claim. Once you and your seller have confirmed the sale, your e-gift reward will be sent to you via email within 14 working days.

£75 Reward Redeem at 60 Shops

Ready to be rewarded?

Buy the same car, same seller, same price, but with a £75 reward. It’s a no-brainer

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