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Spring Driving Tips

Driving in the spring can bring along its own set of complications. Aftershocks from the cold, wet winter still pose risks to drivers, with potential underinflated tyres and an increase in potholes both common occurrences following the winter weather and the change in temperature. 

What’s more, the increase in pollen in the atmosphere can also impact people’s driving, especially those who suffer with hay fever. With pollen particles entering the car through open windows or air conditioning systems, drivers who significantly suffer from red or itchy eyes, sneezing, blocked nose or any other ailment stemming from hay fever allergies should take the daily pollen forecast into consideration before getting behind the wheel.

With the return of the sunny weather, sun glare can also be a serious cause of collisions on the road – especially during sunrise and sunset when the sun is in the direct eyeline of drivers. Drivers need to ensure their windshield is clean as dirt and smears can scatter light, making it more difficult to see the road. 

At the same time, the milder weather is also set to bring out more cyclists, motorcycles, playing children, pedestrians and animals, which provides extra challenges when navigating roads, especially in built up areas. The change in weather does unfortunately mean an increase in potholes, so it is important to check your tyres are inflated to avoid the risk of a blowout should you encounter any. 

If you suffer from hay fever keep a check on the pollen count before you set off, as severe symptoms can have an effect on your visibility and ability to drive safely. As well as this, and let’s hope we get some weather to use them, do carry a pair of sunglasses in the car to protect you from the sun’s glare and protect your ability to see the road clearly.

As the weather gets milder, the days get longer and there will be more people out and about on the roads, so you’ll need to take care as you navigate the extra road users. Travel safe, look out for each other and enjoy what spring has to offer.

In order to help motorists reach their destinations safely, industry experts at Green Flag have released the following common sense tips to stay safe as a result of the expected change in weather.

1.      Ensure tyres are properly inflated - with many car tyres underinflated as a result of the recent cold weather, drivers are urged to check and inflate their tyres as the weather turns, to minimise the risk of tyre blowout

2.      Carry a spare tyre - hitting a pothole at speed, especially with an underinflated tyre, can cause the tyre to blow out. In this instance, a spare tyre is a necessity, so ensure you have a spare before setting off on any journey

3.      Check the pollen forecast – those who suffer with hay fever should check the pollen forecast so they can judge whether they will feel comfortable getting behind the wheel with the pollen count. Keeping the car windows shut is also advised to keep the pollen out and avoid your symptoms being triggered 

4.      Have sunglasses with you - keep a pair of sunglasses in the car, just in case you find yourself struggling with sun glare 

5.      Watch your speed - with pot holes and increased pedestrians/animals on the roads, keeping an eye on your speed is critical to ensure that you can slow down in time to avoid any potential hazard safely and effectively

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