Six quick tips to beat the petrol crisis

While the country is worrying about when and where they are going to get fuel next, you're probably looking for some tips to help you beat the petrol crisis.

Here are some habits to adopt that all add up to more miles in the fuel tank.

Tip 1: Remove additional weight. Going through your boot and making sure you’re leaving anything that you won’t need at home could stretch your fuel quite considerably. If your children are staying at home, so can their buggies and car seats!

Tip 2: Check your tyre pressure. Having a tyre check before you leave and ensuring they’re up to the correct pressure could reduce the drag against your vehicle. Every 1% decrease results in a 0.3% reduction in fuel economy. When they’re under inflated, the surface of the tyres increase and make it harder for the tyres to glide over the road surface.

Tip 3: In traffic jams or queuing for fuel? Don’t sit there idle. This will waste your much needed fuel. So if you find yourself in that situation, turn off your engine. You might think that turning it on and off would use more fuel but sitting idle can waste over a litre and a half every minute. Not only does this waste fuel, but it also has a negative impact on the environment, and it is actually a fineable offence.

Tip 4: Be gentle on your pedals. Being gentle on your pedals can also have a significant effect on your fuel consumption. A heavy foot (or hand if you’re using hand controls) is a habit that guzzles fuel extremely fast. By gently accelerating and breaking, you put less demand on your engine to perform, therefore using less fuel.

Tip 5: Making your journeys more efficient may be helpful too. Once your engine is warmed up and you are on your way, making sure you do all your errands in one journey could help preserve fuel as opposed to setting out on five different journeys and warming up the engine five separate times.

Tip 6: If you need fuel for your journeys, are running on empty, or want to save precious time (and fuel) then don’t drive around from one petrol station to another. In this time of madness, you may think it’s your only option, but there are a couple of things that could aid in the hunt for fuel. Firstly, look at google maps, where there are red lines near a petrol station it will most probably mean they have supplies. Secondly, phone the petrol station before and ask how long the queue is, how long they think their supply will last, and when the next delivery will be so you can be two steps ahead of the traffic.

Safe driving and happy journeys.

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