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7 ways to prepare your car for spring

We are all familiar with spring cleaning our homes but what about preparing our cars for spring? 

After months of harsh weather conditions, our cars may need a little TLC to ensure there are no hidden costly damages caused by the poor driving conditions that winter brings.  

You may feel ready for spring, but your car might not be. We spend a lot of time in our cars traveling from place to place, so it’s important to invest in keeping our cars not only in good condition but safe and fit for the roads. Here are seven steps on how to prepare your car for spring.  

1.   Take your car for a tyre check

It’s important to get your tyres checked regularly regardless of the season but this is particularly important after the winter weather. Car tyres these days are designed to be very durable but after months of driving in snow, ice, rain, and road salt, they can become worn.  

The legal tyre tread depth is above 1.6mm so taking your tyres for a once over will ensure you are meeting the legal requirements. Whilst doing so, you can have your tyre pressure checked and altered, if necessary.  

2.   Replace your window wiper blades

Not only does it result in an irritating sound if your window wiper blades are worn, but it can also be dangerous if your window wipers are no longer fit for purpose. This can cause distracting streaks on your windscreen and may affect your visibility in wet conditions.  

You can take your car to a garage to have them replaced, or you can install new ones yourself – it’s relatively simple to do.  

3.   Check your car brakes

By rule of thumb, you should get your brake pads checked every six months. But there are warning signs that mean you should bring this maintenance task forward. If you hear a grinding noise when you press the break, feel the stopping time is longer than usual, or your foot feels like it goes down further than is normal, this means they need to be checked.  

If you haven't had your brakes checked for a while, following winter bad weather may be the perfect time. In poor weather conditions, such as rain or snow, brakes wear quickly due to extra friction and pressure on them.  

4.   Give your car a good clean - number plates and lights must be visible! 

It may seem obvious but giving your car a good clean after winter is essential. Not only to get your pride and joy gleaming again but to ensure that your car is fit for the roads. If your vehicle registration number plate is covered by dirt and grime, you could be fined up to £1,000!  

Additionally, make sure your lights are clean. This ensures maximum visibility for both you and other drivers.  

5.   Check your wiper fluid 

After winter weather, wiper fluid can easily run low. And you don’t want to find yourself driving in rainy conditions without any wiper fluid as this can affect visibility.  

This would be particularly dangerous if driving at speed on the motorway so always ensure your wiper fluid is topped up before a long drive.  

6.   Check your oil 

Engine oil is essential for the functioning of your car’s engine. Maintaining the correct level is essential as oil lubricates, cleans, cools, and protects the moving parts of your engine.  

It can prevent your engine from seizing up and breaking down. After a lot of cold weather, your engine may have taken a hit so a top up is advisable.  

You may also want to consider an oil change. These help to reduce and remove any excess dirt that has build-up in your engine over time.  

7.   Check your car battery

It is not uncommon for car batteries to go flat in cold weather. Cold temperatures affect the chemical process that produces and stores electricity inside the battery, therefore slowing it down and preventing it from holding a charge.  

To make sure your car is spring-ready, get your car battery checked at your local garage. The mechanic will check the battery is in working order after the winter and will reassure you that it’s not going to die. After all, car batteries can go flat in spring too!  

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